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Anonymous sussurro: queria muito saber o nome da música 38... diz por favor?

The End - Bullet For My Valentine

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Anonymous sussurro: vc aceita submit?

no momento não.. talvez abra novamente :)

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Anonymous sussurro: oi

olá, tudo bem contigo?

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Anonymous sussurro: Are you Brazilian?

yep *—*

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Anonymous sussurro: love your blog! how many followers do you have?

thanks so much ♥

I can not answer for you, because the numbers change every minute of my followers :D

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Anonymous sussurro: in your opinion, how old should you be before you have sex?

From the moment that you are responsible for taking what might happen.
That is: If you become pregnant, be responsible to assume without dependence on their parents, or anyone else.
That you should be aware that using condoms not only by gravides, but by diseases that you can catch.
I am against having sex without love.

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Anonymous sussurro: the gif that you reblogged about 10 min ago... what movie is it?


1º gif - Gossip Girl

2º gif - One tree Hill

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Anonymous sussurro: What make u think that true love never die? And I would like to have the same theme than u!

If love dies, love never existed. To me true love goes beyond life.
To have the same theme, you just click on the link underneath this photo on my side.

kisses =**

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Anonymous sussurro: Hi, so there's this guy I liked a lot, and it never went anywhere or anything but I still liked him. I moved about 10 months ago and I haven't talked to him since, but I still think about him all the time...What should I do?

Thou love, and spent 10 months without talking to him *o*
Sure what is love?!
If you really love him, go behind and show him how important he is to you, open your heart and be very happy. ♥

kisses =**

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Anonymous sussurro: Have you ever gotten your heart broken?

yes.. but no pain is endless ♥

kisses =** 

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Anonymous sussurro: i know this is weird and of topic but did you ever get rejected by a boy in how you took it cause i got rejected i feel so scared to show my face

You do not have to be afraid of anything, because above anything you have to love yourself.
and only you can break that barrier that you put it, and show how beautiful you are, and that can be very happy.

kisses =**

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Anonymous sussurro: Hi, i know this is probably the stupidest question but I'm fifteen and i was wondering if you thought it was wrong about me wanting to go farther than just making out with my boyfriend.. i know you're probably going to say its wrong but i just wanted your opinion.

No question is stupid when she is important to you.
When you already justificas that my opinion is that you is wrong, this is what you justifying your opinion?
In my opinion: either with 15, 20, 25… Before you ires further with your boyfriend, you should be sure you are both right that will do. I do not think one should think that going further your relationship or you change your dating safe any longer.
In a courtship to be happy and good for the two there must be respect and responsibility, and that is at any age.
But in your dating only you know if this is the right time to go further, or whether to wait further to see if that’s what you really want.
If you think it’s the right time, just ask to be responsible and use condoms to avoid having unintended consequence, because you have a life still ahead and I want it to be wonderful for you.

kisses ♥

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Anonymous sussurro: Can you just watch my Tumblr ( yourheartismineyasmine ) and give me your opignion about this one

In my opinion the tumblr is for you to express your feeling whatever it is, and only you can judge, no one else.
I have a personal blog where he is a mess of feelings, because not all days are good and it is important to demonstrate because we are human and make mistakes in a day, and we hit another and so on.
I talk in my faq that feelings can not be measured, can only be felt by you.

kisses =**

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Anonymous sussurro: Como mudo de pag? amo seu tumblr mais nao dá pra entender seu theme na moral!

acima dos links tem a paginação 1-2-3.. clica lá que tu muda a pag.
agora tu irá entender o theme anjo ♥
bjuss =** 

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Anonymous sussurro: Como é o seu nome? *-*

não leu a F.A.Q *lalala*
Kamilla >< 

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